We would like to express our thanks to everyone that has helped us in the development of NPC's Well-being Measure.

The Public Zone team for their creativity, enthusiasm, expertise and hard work on this website.

The academics whose work we used or that influenced us:

  • Our measure of life satisfaction - known as Cantril's ladder - is taken from the work of Professor Hadley Cantril, a psychologist at Princeton University in the 1950s.
  • Our measure of self-esteem uses the self-concept scale from the Self-Description Questionnaire by Professor Herbert Marsh from the Oxford University Centre for Educational Assessment.
  • Our measure of emotional well-being draws influences from across the literature on child psychology.
  • Our resilience measure draws influence from the work of Dr Gail Wagnild and Dr Heather Young, although it does not represent the same construct or in any way reproduce the same measure as their Resilience ScaleTM.
  • Our measure of the relationship with friends and family and satisfaction with community and school, is based on the Multidimensional Life Satisfaction Scales by Professor Scott Huebner, Department of Psychology at the University of South Carolina.

Our steering group that helped to shape the development of the survey in 2008 and 2009. The members were: Professor Ann Buchanan, Director for the Oxford Centre for Research into Parenting and Children Oxford University; Dr John Ivens, educational psychologist and head teacher of the Bethlem & Maudsley Hospital School; Nicola Steuer at the New Economics Foundation; Jane Glover at Barnardos; and Alison Pollard at the Big Lottery Fund. We also wish to thank Gwyther Rees at The Children's Society for his advice when developing the questions.

The organisations that piloted versions of the survey during its development. These were: Barnardo's, Beatbullying, The Place2Be, The Prince's Trust, and The Outward Bound Trust.

The organisations that helped us to develop the online version of the tool and provided invaluable feedback. These were: Barnardo's, Beatbullying, Body and Soul Charity, Community Links, CSV, Eltham Hill Technology College, Kingston Bereavement Trust, LIFT/Digismart, The Outward Bound Trust, and The Place2Be.

Roger Siddle and David Hutchison for their guidance and expertise.

Martin Perry and Nick Kennerley at KPC Media for their work on the videos.

Peter Church, Kathy Berry and Elsha Butler at Linklaters LLP for legal advice.

The funders who have supported our work on well-being: the Paul Hamlyn Foundation, the Private Equity Foundation and Esmée Fairbairn Foundation.

Mitesh Patel, Andy Halsall, Marleen Enright, Xiao Cia, Henry Warren, Charles Mindenhall, Alexandra Stevenson and NPC's trustees for their various contributions.