Using NPC's Well-being Measure

Before you start

Work through a six-step process to plan your survey. This will help you to decide on the aims of your research, work out what questions you need to ask, and pick who, where and when to do the survey.

Create your survey

Build your own bespoke surveys online to measure what you want to measure. You can choose up to eight aspects of well-being, as well as add your own custom questions.

Administer your survey

Choose whether you do the survey online or on paper, and follow our simple guide to launching the survey. Each young person receives an unique ID number, which means that he or she can complete the survey in confidence. Check the progress of your survey as you go along, and see who has and hasn't completed it.

See your results

Receive a clear and concise report of your results, in PDF format. View all of your results in the context of our national baseline, allowing you to see how your results compare. If you are doing a follow-up survey, see how the well-being of your group has changed.

Analyse and communicate your results

Do further analysis using our custom filtering tool or export your results in an Excel spreadsheet. Use the quotable sections of your report to tell others what you have achieved.

We believe that the tool combines robust measurement and usability - and that people who are delivering services on the front-line will get to grips with it easily.

Rob Bell, Programme Director, The Paul Hamlyn Foundation

We wholeheartedly welcome NPC's Well-being Measure which will help charities like ours show that they make a real difference to children's lives.

Benita Refson, Chief Executive, The Place2Be